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RuiRong Yuan, MD

At-Large Director
2018 - 2020

RuiRong Yuan is an US-board certified medical oncologist and attending physician at Department of Medicine, VA Medical Center of New Jersey Medical School. She previously served as Chief Medical Officer & President of global clinical development at BeiGene. Before that, Dr. Yuan was Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Eisai Global Oncology, Head of multiple therapeutic areas at Daiichi Sankyo and senior global clinical leader at Novartis Oncology. Dr. Yuan led global clinical research & development divisions in conducting early and late global clinical studies and played a critical leadership role in the development, regulatory approval and commercialization of multiple compounds, including anti-cancer drug Afinitor, Zelboraf, Lenvatinib and Halaven.

Dr. Yuan has had extensive academic clinical practice and research experience as a physician-scientist at top cancer centers in Asian (Cancer hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), Europe (Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland) and the US (AECOM, MSKCC, UMDNJ). She has published more than thirty peer reviewed original research articles, including publications in Journal Experimental Medicine, Blood, Journal of Immunology, PNAS, British J. Cancer, Cancer Research, Annals of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics. She holds multiple patents related to either cancer treatment or autoimmune disease therapy.

Dr. Yuan is one of the founding members of Chinese American Hematologist and Oncologist Network (www.cahon.org) and served as its president in 2007-2008 and Board chair in 2010-2012. She has been an executive member of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) since 2004 and served on the ASCO-International Affairs committee from July 2006 to June 2009. She also serves as editor for multiple Journals of hematology and Oncology.

袁瑞荣医学博士, 现任美国新泽西医科大学附属医院 VA Medical Center 临床肿瘤及血液 内科主治医师。她长期从事肿瘤和自身免疫性疾病的临床及转化性研究, 是美国认证的内科和肿瘤内科专家。曾担任百济神州首席医学官兼全球临床开发部总裁, Eisai(卫材)首席医学官兼副总裁,第一三共株式会社多个治疗领域负责人和诺华肿瘤部全球临床研究负责人,主持或领导了多项国际临床抗肿瘤新药,其中包括Afinitor, Zelboraf, Lenvatinib和Halaven的研究,监管部门的批准和商业化。


袁医生积极参与并促进中国与国外癌症研究方面的合作,任中国肿瘤临床协会(CSCO)来自海外的执行委员多年,曾多次应邀回国作学术访问。她曾担任旅美华人血液和肿瘤专科医师学会(CAHON)会长和董事会主席, ASCO国际委员会委员(2005-2008),山东大学客座教授及多个医学期刊编委。