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Financial and Fundraising Committee

Minggui Pan, MD, PhD

Dr. Minggui Pan is the chief of the Department of Oncology and Hematology at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara California. Dr. Pan is also an adjunct investigator of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and staff attending oncologist at Veterans Healthcare Affairs Palo Alto California. Dr. Pan specializes in soft tissue and bone sarcoma and chairs the program for Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Pan conducts research in cancer biology, immunology and cancer epidemiology and has more than 40publications. Dr. Pan is a member of ASCO’s workforce advisory group and board of directors of Association of Northern California Oncologists. Dr. Pan received medical school degree from Fujian Medical University, a Master’s degree from Peking Union Medical College and a Ph.D. degree from Oregon health Sciences University. He received medical oncology training at Stanford University.

Sen-hong Zhuang, MD, PhD

Sen‐hong (Sen) Zhuang, MD (Sun Yat‐Sen University of Medical Sciences), PhD (University of Miami School of Medicine), Residency (Long Island Jewish Medical Center), Hem/Onc fellowship (National Cancer Institute), vice president of the Clinical Oncology Research Program at Johnson & Johnson. Selected honor and leadership roles: the clinical head of the Hematology Disease Area Stronghold, leader for the global clinical development of YONDELIS (soft tissue sarcoma and ovarian cancer), DOXIL (multiple myeloma and breast cancer), ZARNESTRA (acute myelogenous leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome), Senicapoc (sickle cellanemia), HDAC inhibitor, HDM‐2 inhibitor, FGR Inhibitor programs, ZYTIGA and others. Area of focus: global clinical development of hematologic assets such as ibrutinib (IMBRUVICA) and daratumumab.