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CAHON Oncology Expert Panel

Chinese American Oncology and Drug Development Expert Panel

Thursday, September 19, 2019, during CSCO
Xiamen, China

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As China is opening more to the world, there are many new pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in China looking to conduct drug development using international standards and expand business in the United States. Similarly, American and global companies may seek guidance into the intricacies of the Chinese healthcare system. As bi-lingual Chinese American Hematologists and Oncologists, CAHON leaders are uniquely qualified to provide advice and expert opinion on a wide variety of topics that are of interest to industry.

Several one-hour open scientific advisory panels will be conducted with topics to be determined by the needs of participating companies.

Target Audience: Chinese pharmaceutical and biotech companies interested in expanding business interests in the United States.

Expert Panel: CAHON members who are experts in bench research, clinical trial design, regulation and industry with an emphasis on gastrointestinal and lung cancers.

Registration/Consultation Fee: $200-$500 USD per hour (no more than five companies per session)

Contact: Please contact Nichole Nikolic, CAHON Executive Director at nnikolic@cahon.org for more information.
Local contact: Yu Zhuo, (于卓), MD, Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital (北京清华长庚医院) yza02214@btch.edu.cn

CAHON Expert Panel


Xiu-Bao Chang, PhD
Panorama Institute of Molecular Medicine Sunnyvale, CA
Expertise: Multidrug resistance of cancer cells and genome editing

Delong Liu, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
New York Medical College
New York, NY
Expertise: Hematologic Malignancies,
Leukemia and Lymphoma

Ruirong Yuan, MD
Medical Oncologist
VA Medical Center
Department of Medicine East Orange,
New Jersey
Expertise: New Drug Development Clinical Trials, Immunotherapy and Targeting Therapies

Jin He, MD
Surgical Oncologist
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
Baltimore, MD
Expertise: Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Cancers

Janice Lu, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist
University of Southern California
Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
Los Angeles, CA
Expertise: Breast Cancer

Jun Zhang, MD, PhD
Thoracic Oncologist
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, KS
Expertise: Lung Cancer

Ke He, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist and Hematologist
The James, Ohio State University Cancer Center
Columbus, OH
Expertise: Lung Cancer, Clinical Trials and Immunotherapy

Adrian Murphy, MBBCH, BAO, PhD
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
The Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
The Precision Medicine Center of Excellence
Baltimore, MD
Expertise: Liver and Biliary Cancers,
Phase I Clinical Trial Development

Lei Zheng, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist
Johns Hopkins Medical Center
The Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
The Precision Medicine Center of Excellence
Baltimore, MD
Expertise: GI – Pancreatic, Liver and Gastric
Cancers; Immunotherapy

Zihai Li, MD, PhD
Founding Director, Institute for Immuno-Oncology
The James, Ohio State University Cancer Center
Columbus, OH
Expertise: Cancer Immunotherapy, CAR-T and T Cell
Therapy, Lung Cancer

Chong-xian Pan, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist, Professor
Clinical Investigator and Immunologists
University of California
Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
Sacramento, CA
Expertise: Bladder, Kidney and Prostate
Cancer – Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy

Hong Zheng, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Penn State Cancer Institute
Hershey, PA
Expertise: Hematologic Malignancies –
Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma

Xinsheng Liao, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist and Hematologist
Private Practice in Seattle, WA
Cancer Center Director (pending), Tsinghua University
Seattle, WA
Expertise: General Oncology

Ming-gui Pan, MD
Chief, Department of Oncology and Hematology
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
Santa Clara, CA
Expertise: Soft Tissue and Bone Carcinoma

Andrew Zhu, MD, PhD
Director, Liver Cancer Research
Massachusetts General Hospital
Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
Boston, MA
Expertise: Developmental Therapeutics,
GI Malignancies


Richard Zu Sheng Lin, MD
Professor of Physiology & Biophysics and Medicine
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY
Expertise: Hematologic Malignancies



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