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CHINATRIALS 12 Clinical Development Leaders' Summit

Latest Global Developments in Cutting-Edge Oncology Treatments

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CAHON Spotlight Session: Immuno-Oncology: The Latest Global Advancements
November 13, 2019
10:40 am - 12:30 pm

CAHON will have a special session during the CHINATRIALS 12 Clinical Development Leaders' Summit, November 12 - 14, 2019.

This special session organized by CAHON will feature presentations and a panel discussion on the latest global developments in the immuno-oncology field. The section will be broken into two parts and cover the two hottest areas in the field: CAR-T and Combination Therapies. Global and domestic experts from academia and industry perspectives will share their latest experiences on the advancements in this field and implications for China development.

  • Considerations for CAR-T Development in the US and China
  • The Latest Thinking on Combination Therapy Strategies

Moderator: Wenru Song
Co-Founder and President of R&D
Kira Pharma/CAHON


Yong (Ben) Ben
Chief Medical Officer, Immuno-Oncology

Zujun Li
Clinical Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine
Medical Director, Head Neck Medical Oncology Program
New York University/CAHO

David Liu
Chief Medical Officer

Delong Liu
Professor of Medicine
New York Medical College/CAHON

Archie Tse
Chief Translational Medicine Officer

Yangbing Zhao
Associate Professor, Director, T-Cell Engineering Laboratory
University of Pennsylvania/CAHON