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Executive Team


Board Chair
RuiRong Yuan, MD, PhD

Bo Zhao, MD

Vice President
Hongtao Liu, MD, PhD


Academic Committee
J Christine Ye, MD (Chair)
Zhaohui Jin, MD (Co-Chair)
Tian Zhang, MD, MHS
Wanqing Iris Zhi, MD, PhD

Career Development Committee
Liang Deng, MD, PhD (Chair)
Sen Zhuang, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Michael Liao, MD, PhD
Heng Xie, MD, PhD

Clinical Practice Committee
Shuang Fu, MD, PhD (Chair)
Bo Wang, MD (C0-Chair)
Joyce Huang, MD, PhD
Lulu Zhang, MD, MPH

Clinical Research Committee
Jingsong Zhang, MD, PhD (Chair)
Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Richard Lin, MD, PhD
Xueyu (Eric) Chen, MD, PhD
Onyee Chan, MD

Event & Education Committee
Mary Li, MD, PhD (Chair)
Yucai Wang, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Wenqing Zhang, MD, PhD
Haixia Qin, MD

Fellow Committee
Lei Deng, MD (Chair)
Changchuan (Charles) Jiang, MD, MPH (Co-Chair)
Xiaolin Zhu, MD, PhD
Chen Zhang, MD

Industry Committee
Ke Liu, MD, PhD (Chair)
Jianda Yuan, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Yaping Shou, MD, PhD
Weili Sun, MD, PhD
Huichun Zhan, MD, MS
Yufeng Li, PhD

Membership Committee
Yiyi Yan, MD, PhD (Chair)
Sarah Wang, MD, MS (Co-Chair)
Jane Liu, MD
Yong Ji, MD, PhD

Public Relations Committee
Faye Yin, MD (Chair)
Ligeng Tian, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Ping Gu, MD, PhD
Min Sun, MD, PhD
Peter Jiang, MD, PhD

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