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About Us

Our Mission

Founded by Chinese American Hematologists and Oncologists in 2005, CAHON is dedicated to fostering communications among Chinese American medical professionals for the delivery of high-quality health care to patients with neoplastic and hematological diseases, and to promoting the exchange of medical information between the United States and China in the fields of hematology and oncology. CAHON strives to serve as a bridge of medical and educational exchange for its members and between Chinese and American Hematology-Oncology.

History & Milestones

  • 1999
    • Chinese American Hematologists and Oncologists (CAHOs) began to meet informally at the ASH and ASCO annual meetings
  • 2004
    • A 23 member CAHON Organizing Committee formed and created an “Open Letter” to recruit members
  • 2005
    • CAHON inaugural member meeting took place at ASCO’s Annual meeting
    • Bylaws were created and CAHON was formally registered in New York State as a non-profit organization
    • The Officers and Board of Directors was formed and met during ASH’s Annual Meeting
  • 2006
    • CAHON’s annual reception at ASCO took place
    • The first Presidential Operational Plan for 2006-2007 was released
    • The first CAHON Strategic Plan was released
    • CAHON members met during ASH, included an educational component
  • 2007
    • CAHON’s 2nd Annual Meeting took place during ASCO and included an educational component
    • The first Presidential Annual Report was created and shared with members
  • 2008
    • CAHON launched its official Journal of Hematology and Oncology (JHO)
  • 2010
    • First CAHON-SITC-CSCO Workshop talks place during CSCO’s Annual Meeting
  • 2012
    • CAHON awards first Young Investigator Awards
  • 2014
    • First New York Oncology Forum Takes Place
  • 2015
    • CAHON co-sponsors I-O workshop with CFDA
    • CAHON launches first Virtual Grand Rounds
  • 2018
    • CAHON membership grows to 300
    • Executive Director, Inc. is hired to manage CAHON
  • 2019
    • CAHON's official Journal of Hematology and Oncology (JHO) reaches and 8.7 Impact Factor

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