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Publication Committee

Huiguo Lin, MD, PhD

Huiguo (Edward) Lin, MD (China Medical University), Residency (Brown University), Hem/Onc fellowship (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School), associate professor of medicine at the University of Washington, associate member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Selected honor and leadership roles: member of NCCN UICC Sino-US committee, editor-in-chief of Cancer-matrix Manual, member of the editorial board for Stem Cell, Translational Medicine and the president of Seattle Biomedical Association. Area of focus: colorectal cancer, cancer stem cells and endothelial progenitors.

Bo Lu, MD, PhD

Bo Lu, MD (Shanghai/Fudan Medical University), PhD (Baylor College of Medicine), Residency (University of Southern California School of Medicine), currently tenured professor of radiation oncology at Thomas Jefferson University. He served as the past director of the Translational Research Program and Lung Cancer Research Program at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His research focus includes cell death and cancer stem cell pathways as potential targets for overcoming therapeutic resistance through genetic characterization of mouse models of lung cancer as well as tissue samples from lung cancer patients. Currently his laboratory investigates therapeutic response/toxicities from combining radiotherapy and immunotherapeutic agents as well as resistance mechanisms following anti‐PD1 therapy. He serves as the translational research chair for the RTOG/NRG lung cancer committee and the chair for NCI lung cancer working group.

陆 波

美国华裔血液及肿瘤专家。美国放射科医学委员会放疗科认证专家(American Board of Radiology)。现任美国Thomas Jefferson大学Sidney Kimmel医学院终身教授肺癌放疗专家。复旦医科大学获得医学博士学位。1993 年得到 Baylor 医学院分子生物学博士学位。曾任加州医学院住院医生,随后在 2002 年获得Vanderbilt大学担任 Assistant Professor 和放疗主治医生,2008年成为终身副教授。2011年加入Thomas Jefferson大学为终身教授。研究各种新药与放疗的结合,专注于肺癌生物及新药的基础与临床研究和发展,负责多个 Phase 1/2 临床试验。现注重癌症的免疫和放疗结合方面的研究。得道美国癌症中心和美国国防部多项基金资助。发表过众多篇关于肺癌与放疗方面的论文。此外,他还担任RTOG肺癌转化医学主任。